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InvtronDAO is a revolutionary idea, changing the face of crowdfunding world and will bridge the gap between SMEs and investors using Blockchain Technology

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Decentralized Investment Approach

Harness the power of crowd intelligence with Invtron DAO, a groundbreaking blockchain-based platform that leverages the collective know-how of its community to make well-informed investment choices. This decentralized strategy embraces diversity and encourages breakthroughs across a wide range of projects.


One Time investment

With Invtron DAO, investors only need to contribute funds once, during the project's initial stages. This streamlined approach optimizes resource allocation and simplifies the entire investment process, saving time and reducing red tape.


One Umbrella

Invtron AG, representing Invtron DAO, consolidates decision-making and governance under one roof. This unified framework keeps the organization's focus in line with the best interests of its token holders, creating a more harmonious ecosystem.


Innovative Bond System

Invtron DAO introduces a unique dual-token system: a native token for core operations like governance and payments, and a stable token that functions as bonds, solely used to finance select projects within the platform, without external tradeability.


In-depth Inflation Ratio Calculation:

Resilient Investment Resources Invtron DAO's sustainability-focused inflationary model relies on carefully selected project investments Resilient Investment Resources Invtron DAO's sustainability-focused inflationary model relies on carefully selected project investments, guaranteeing a constant flow of funds. Token issuance is guided by holder voting, harmonizing inflation management with value conservation. Profits from investments enable token buybacks and subsequent burning, further reinforcing the ecosystem's stability. To calculate the inflation ratio, Invtron DAO takes into account the trading volume and total token market cap. Here's how the process works:

  1. 1. Trading Volume: By monitoring the trading volume of the native token, Invtron DAO can gauge the level of demand and the token's liquidity in the market. Higher trading volumes often indicate a healthy market and can influence the inflation ratio, as more tokens might be issued to maintain a balanced ecosystem.
  2. 2. Total Token Market Cap: The market cap represents the overall value of the native tokens in circulation. By keeping a close eye on the total token market cap, Invtron DAO can better understand the token's market position, as well as the overall size and health of the ecosystem.
The inflation ratio calculation aims to strike a balance between maintaining the value of the native token and ensuring the availability of funds for new project investments. By considering the trading volume and total token market cap, Invtron DAO can make informed decisions regarding token issuance, inflation management, and value preservation, ultimately contributing to a more stable and resilient ecosystem.

Our Features

Blockchain technology is the safest way to exchange money.


INVTRON DAO is built on a decentralized architecture, ensuring that all decisions and transactions are made in a secure and trustless manner without the need for intermediaries. This ensures that the platform is resistant to censorship and is truly owned and controlled by its community members.


Invtron DAO is a sustainable business model as it utilizes decentralized decision-making to ensure transparency and efficient allocation of funds. It connects investors with promising startups and SMEs, offering access to investment opportunities and profit-sharing. The platform's dynamic voting system incentivizes participation and timely decision-making, leading to the success of funded projects. The team's long-term vision and commitment to continuous improvement further solidify the sustainability of the model. Overall, Invtron DAO offers a unique and innovative approach to finance that is built to last.

Revolutionizing Investment Opportunities

INVTRON DAO aims to generate revenue through its platform by facilitating investment opportunities and earning a portion of the profits from successful projects. This revenue can be used to fund the ongoing development and growth of the platform. However, INVTRON DAO is not a traditional business that generates revenue through the sale of products or services. Instead, it operates as a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) that utilizes blockchain technology and smart contracts to create a new model of investment and decision-making


Invtron DAO is the future of resilient, adaptive, and transparent investment opportunities. Our cutting-edge platform is designed to weather the storms of changing market conditions, ensuring your investments remain secure and robust. With a wide array of diverse investment options, there's something for everyone at Invtron DAO.

Dynamic voting incentives

Dynamic voting incentives refer to a unique feature of Invtron DAO's voting system, which offers varying rewards to participants based on their voting direction (upvote or downvote) and the project's success in achieving its soft cap. In this system, early voters benefit from higher rewards, creating an incentive for timely participation in the decision-making process.


Invtron DAO is expandable as it operates in the dynamic and rapidly growing decentralized finance industry. With its unique features, such as the dynamic voting system and the profit-sharing mechanism, it has the potential to attract more investors and startups, leading to the growth of its network and increasing its reach. Additionally, the team behind Invtron DAO can continue to innovate and improve the platform to meet the changing needs and demands of the market.

Who Operates the DAO?

Invtron DAO is a unique and innovative operational model that has not been seen before. Here is what sets us apart:

Token Holders

Token holders in Invtron DAO are the individuals who hold INV tokens and contribute to the platform's decision-making process. They have the power to vote on which projects to fund, providing a democratic approach to investment opportunities. Additionally, token holders have the potential to earn rewards through the platform's profit-sharing mechanism. As the platform continues to grow and expand, token holders play a vital role in shaping the future of finance through INVTRON DAO.


Endorsers are a crucial part of Invtron DAO's ecosystem. They are normal people who are elected by token holders and possess the skills necessary to select promising startups and small and medium-sized enterprises for nomination in the voting process. Endorsers play a vital role in ensuring the quality of projects that make it to the voting stage, and their geographical distribution ensures a diverse and decentralized decision-making process. Currently, there are 50 endorsers in the Invtron DAO ecosystem, all of whom are dedicated to contributing to the growth and success of the platform. By collaborating with token holders and other members of the community, endorsers help ensure the integrity and sustainability of Invtron DAO's investment model.

Elected CEO

Elected CEO is elected by the community of token holders through a democratic voting process. The CEO in a DAO has limited authority and serves mainly as a representative of the DAO in the physical world, signing contracts and managing the DAO's representative entity. The CEO also has the responsibility of auditing and approving profits and losses of the DAO and releasing funds to funded startups and SMEs that have been successful in obtaining funding through community voting.The CEO can transfer their authority to another person if needed.

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