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We Find and Fund the next Unicorns

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Decentralized Investment Approach

Harness the power of crowd intelligence with Invtron DAO, a groundbreaking blockchain-based platform that leverages the collective know-how of its community to make well-informed investment choices. This decentralized strategy embraces diversity and encourages breakthroughs across a wide range of projects.

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Resilient Investment Resources Invtron DAOs sustainability-focused inflationary model relies on carefully selected project investments Resilient Investment Resources Invtron DAO s sustainability-focused inflationary model relies on carefully selected project investments, guaranteeing a constant flow of funds. Token issuance is guided by holder voting, harmonizing inflation management with value conservation. Profits from investments enable token buybacks and subsequent burning, further reinforcing the ecosystems stability. To calculate the inflation ratio, Invtron DAO takes into account the trading volume and total token market cap. Here is how the process works:

1. Trading Volume: By monitoring the trading volume of the native token, Invtron DAO can gauge the level of demand and the tokens liquidity in the market. Higher trading volumes often indicate a healthy market and can influence the inflation ratio, as more tokens might be issued to maintain a balanced ecosystem.

2. Total Token Market Cap: The market cap represents the overall value of the native tokens in circulation. By keeping a close eye on the total token market cap, Invtron DAO can better understand the tokens market position, as well as the overall size and health of the ecosystem.

The inflation ratio calculation aims to strike a balance between maintaining the value of the native token and ensuring the availability of funds for new project investments. By considering the trading volume and total token market cap, Invtron DAO can make informed decisions regarding token issuance, inflation management, and value preservation, ultimately contributing to a more stable and resilient ecosystem.


One Time investment

With Invtron DAO, investors only need to contribute funds once, during the project's initial stages. This streamlined approach optimizes resource allocation and simplifies the entire investment process, saving time and reducing red tape.


One Umbrella

Invtron AG, representing Invtron DAO, consolidates decision-making and governance under one roof. This unified framework keeps the organization's focus in line with the best interests of its token holders, creating a more harmonious ecosystem.


Innovative Bond System

Invtron DAO introduces a unique dual-token system: a native token for core operations like governance and payments, and a stable token that functions as bonds, solely used to finance select projects within the platform, without external tradeability.

Who Operates the DAO ?

Invtron DAO is a unique and innovative operational model that has not been seen before. Here is what sets us apart:

Token Holders

Token holders in Invtron DAO, who possess INV tokens, participate actively in the decision-making process by voting on project funding, embodying a democratic investment approach. They also have the potential to earn rewards via the platform s profit-sharing mechanism. As Invtron DAO grows, these token holders are crucial in defining the future of finance within the platform.


Endorsers in Invtron DAO are key figures elected by token holders, tasked with identifying promising startups and SMEs for nomination and voting, ensuring the quality and diversity of projects. With skills crucial for decentralized decision-making, the current 50 endorsers are essential for maintaining the integrity and sustainability of the platform’s investment model through collaboration with token holders and community members

Elected CEO

The CEO in a DAO, elected democratically by token holders, serves primarily as the DAO s representative, managing its physical-world interactions through contract signings and entity management. Their responsibilities also include auditing and approving the DAO s finances and disbursing funds to startups and SMEs that secure funding via community votes, though their authority remains limited.

Our Mission & Vission

We want to bring the benefits of the blockchain to the real world by creating a native token with a real use case and building up a community which will empower investors as a group to invest in a particular project and vote on who gets funding and who does not.

Invtron DAO is a revolutionary idea, changing the face of crowdfunding world and will bridge the gap between SMEs and investors. The integration of our platform will allow for a higher level of confidence from the investor and the SME.


Our Features

Blockchain technology is the safest way to exchange money.

End of Q4 2021


INVTRON DAO is built on a decentralized architecture, ensuring that all decisions and transactions are made in a secure and trustless manner without the need for intermediaries. This ensures that the platform is resistant to censorship and is truly owned and controlled by its community members.

End of Q4 2021


Invtron DAO leverages decentralized decision-making for transparent and efficient fund allocation, linking investors with promising startups and SMEs for investment opportunities and profit-sharing. Its dynamic voting system encourages active participation and prompt decision-making, enhancing project success.

End of Q4 2021

revolutionary Investments

INVTRON DAO generates revenue by facilitating investment opportunities and taking a share of profits from successful projects, funding the platform's development and growth. Unlike traditional businesses that rely on product or service sales for revenue,

End of Q4 2021


Invtron DAO is the future of resilient, adaptive, and transparent investment opportunities. Our cutting-edge platform is designed to weather the storms of changing market conditions, ensuring your investments remain secure and robust. With a wide array of diverse investment options, there's something for everyone at Invtron DAO.

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Malek Almsaddi

Founder & CEO


Mario G Figlioli

Co-Founder & CCO

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Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to commonly asked questions about Invtron DAO and our platform. We understand that you may have questions regarding our services, investment process, security measures, and more.


Invtron DAO is a decentralized autonomous organization that leverages blockchain technology to connect investor funding with startups in need of financial support. Our platform streamlines the investment process and efficiently allocates resources.

No Investment is 100% guaranteed 'Period'. However, Invtron DAO prioritizes the safety and security of its users. Invtron DAO is 100% on-chain, all transactions whether it was decision-making or financial transactions, are made on the blockchain. In that sense, you can consider it safe.

Invtron DAO is combining the best of both worlds, DeFi and TradFi, meaning we are operating as DeFi, yet we are interacting with TradFi. That is an innovative solution we are extremely proud of.

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